E²CO-Pack: A Comprehensive Environmental Education Programme

Based on the initial business assessment, E²COnsultants will supply the prospective client with a comprehensive 
Environmental Education Programme in the form of an E²CO-Pack.

This will include the following:

  1. A resource pack that contains all planning sheets, activities, booklets, worksheets, maps and I.D. Guides. This will come as both a hard and soft copy.
  2. A detailed description of the recommended study sites, along with maps and GPS co-ordinates.
  3. Risk Assessments to cover every aspect of the E2 programme, including both study sites and the general operation of the programme.
  4. A procurement service that includes a list of all recommended equipment requirements. Assistance will also be given for sourcing, delivery and calibration of this equipment.
  5. A recruitment service in order to advertise, interview and employ suitably qualified and experienced instructors and teachers.
  6. Optional Extra: Ongoing support, maintenance and upgrading of the programme and all its entities.


We constantly monitor curriculum trends, changes and upgrades by specific school curriculum designers. Such alterations can have implications

on the relevancy of the Environmental Education programme your company is offering. 

We can upgrade your programmes to suit all specific curriculum changes.

We will assess your programmes, compare them to the required standards and outcomes and then make recommendations on how to improve the programmes. If such recommendations are approved, we will then implement these changes and provide you with an up-to-date programme.


E²CO-Booklets, Worksheets and Activity Design

E²COnsultants can supply your company with a wide range of educational resources that can be used in the activities offered by your company.

These include the following:

  • Subject and Curriculum specific study booklets that include planning sheets, outcomes, resource requirements, I.D. guides, instructions and online resources too.
  • Short and fun worksheets designed for a specific location or target audience.
  • Instructions and resource requirements for fun educational games to teach people about the environment.