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E2COnsultants are specialists in designing, implementing and consulting on curriculum-based environmental education programmes.

Whether it is an entire Field Studies Centre that you want to establish, or the need to improve your existing itineraries, we can create E2CO-Booklets,

E2CO-Worksheets or E2CO-Activities that satisfy a wide range of different school curricula.

We also use our extensive experience to assist in E2CO-Procurement, E2CO-Recruitment, E2CO-Upgrades and E2CO-Study Site assessments.

Ultimately, E2COnsultants offers you the opportunity to increase your existing client base and thus add value to your existing business scope.

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Find out more ​Our programme design services range from designing a comprehensive outdoor environmental education programme to producing a worksheet or identification sheet you could use on the bus ride home...


Find out more ​Whether it is an on-campus Professional Development Lecture, or a multi-day field study training programme in the field, we design courses that give both formal educators and outdoor instructors the skills to run their own outdoor environmental education programmes...