Sourcing and purchasing field study equipment can be an extremely time consuming and expensive process.

E²COnsultants has experience of how and where to purchase field study equipment locally, and we can assist in stocking up your equipment stores without the time-delays experienced when dealing with overseas companies.

Through past experience, E²COnsultants can also advise on which brands and materials are the best to use so that they will last longer in the demanding environments where they are used.

E²COnsultants will help train your staff on how to use all equipment correctly and ensure that the equipment is calibrated for accurate data-collection.

We can also provide training on how to use, display and incorporate this data into your client’s overall learning experience.



E²COnsultants can provide you with a recruitment service to ensure that you are hiring the most suitable person for each prospective job opening.

With access to a large number of qualified scientists, ecologists and outdoor educators, and also staff databases, we can ensure that openings within your company are filled quickly and efficiently.

Our website can also be used for employers to post job openings; and employees to register their C.V.s.


E²CO-Study Sites

E²COnsultants will advise you on which locations and sites are the best and most appropriate for the activities proposed. This includes developing a detailed description of the site, identifying the local fauna and flora found at the site, and designing maps and GPS locations of the area.


E²COnsultants will also supply full Risk Assessments, Emergency Procedures and an Instruction Manual for running activities at a particular site.